Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time To Cancel That Contract

Time To Cancel That Contract

Isaiah 44:2 …the LORD that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, [which] will help thee….

There are people, places, groups and/or entities that have laid false claims on YOU. They have taken credit for you, your time, your talent, your gifts, your finances, your emotions, your spirit and even your intellectual property. You entered into a contract, either verbally (by committing yourself to that person, place, or thing), by deed (doing something that implied a greater commitment), or by physical contract (documentation). Though you entered into that contract/agreement/relationship willingly, what you did not understand was that, like a bad artist contract, that deal was not set up to benefit you. It was set up to benefit the other party. After your introductory time was up, the real costs and terms were revealed. And you paid for a little thing four times over because of the interest tagged on to you. So you have been pimped to perform on demand so that they can profit or benefit. For some of you the physical timeline has run out, but by a false sense of obligation you were guilt tripped or coerced into another term. Like a cell phone contract, because you needed something you had to re-commit yourself to another two year contract.

I wanted to announce that God is giving you permission to cancel those contracts. Whatever the cancellation fees are, whatever has not been paid up, whatever still needs to be produced, God said, I will pay for it, I will take care of it. If you will be bold enough to believe, you can tell your debtors listen, I know you feel I owe you, and in many way I may do, but my God is going to have to satisfy that debt. Like a new owner taking over a business, direct all outstanding items to the owners.

God made you. He formed you. Even the very hairs on your head, he knows them. No one will be able to take claim over you. Nothing will be able to boast that they made you. Every gift, trick, niche, tease, good thing, and bad thing God made. A seed he planted in you before you were born. You owe no one anything but the love of Christ. Be free, like the metro PCS commercial, “say goodbye to contracts”…….Hello! Permission to LIVE freely!

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