Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WAIT for it


Reference Reading
Psalms 27:4 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

We live in such a Microwave Age. Everything has to be done NOW. We have to eat now, fall in love now, get everything we want NOW, and if we serve God he has to do everything NOW. The concept of waiting is foreign and drives most of us to a point of frustration. Even as I was gathering info to type this piece, the internet was draaaagging. A whole 7 seconds for my page to pop up almost made me, shut down and restart my computer (which by the way would have taken me at least 3-5 min). If I didn’t have 7 seconds, how was adding 3-5 minutes with the “hopes” that it would make it go faster save me anything? Well it didn’t. And for most of us our band-aid quick fix solutions to our life issues, only ends up costing more time and resources. We allow our appetites and fears drive us to go for the easy route because we don’t want to wait. It took time to get to where you are and wit will take time for you to get to where you want to go. The question is how do you want to spend that time? In fear and anxiety? Or in peace and faith? Either way you are going to have to WAIT.

Wait on the Lord, in Psalms 27 is Qavah, translated look for or hope for, to look eagerly for, to lie in wait for. Sounds like an antonym to our understanding of WAIT. We think wait means NO, or you’re not getting it, or you’re not ready for it. So one of two things happen, you get depressed and pray out of fear and out of sorrow because you think you have been denied. Or you prep yourself; go through all these rituals of preparation thinking that will speed up the blessing or answer. In my Madea voice, “Sat DOWN!” and WAIT. And don’t wait moping, stressing, fearing, pacing. WAIT and be of GOOD COURAGE. That means – be strong, courageous, firm, resolute. Not whiny, crying, frantic, depressed, dejected, and down trodden.

When we (people who believe God IS and KNOW God IS), WAIT, we are to be like the Buckingham Palace guards. On the outside they look like they cannot be moved. It is a tourist’s challenge to do as much as you can to try and distract them and get them to move. But they have built a reputation on their stellar ability to NOT BE MOVED no matter what is going. However underneath the uniform and outward decorative appearance, is a beating heart, a keen mind, instinct, and a highly trained guardsman eagerly awaiting for the appointed time. The only thing that moves them is a threat on the palace or their appointed time to move. They look like decorations but they will destroy you before you can take two steps beyond the line. The only thing that should move you is a threat on what you are charged to protect or your appointed time to move.

When you WAIT - eagerly expect God to do it, and be of good courage – firm resolute, it say HE will strengthen your heart and HE will exalt you, and HE will save you. (Psalms 27:14, Psalms 37:34, Proverbs 20:22). God gives provision when he has you planted somewhere to wait. He sent the children of Israel water first, then manna, then when that wasn’t enough he sent them quail. He sent Elijah to the brook to drink, then the birds brought him bread, then they brought him meat. God increased their substance while they were waiting. If you trust him, instead of fight him (do your own thing) or flight him (run from him) you will see he has provision for you in your place of wait. And he is able and ready to increase as you need.


Enjoy this song of encouragement by Marvin Sapp, Not the Time or the Place.

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