Monday, October 11, 2010

Secret Faults

Reference Reading: Psalms 19:7-14

Psa 19:12  Who can understand [his] errors? cleanse thou me from secret [faults].

The word cleanse translated means empty, free, purify. The word secret is translated hide, conceal, or cover up. So in essence the psalmist is asking God to empty, free, and purify me from the things I HIDE, CONCEAL, COVER UP.

How many secret faults do we carry? How many sins (the things that causes us to stumble) do we hide? The things we do in secret that no one knows. The things we struggle with that we don’t tell anyone about. Not the big sins that others can see but the secret sins that those close to you or that know you, don’t ever get to see. The stumbling that keeps you up at night, the stumbling that makes you wait until everyone is sleep, the stumbling that you do alone because you don’t want anyone to see. The stumbling you only do with a select circle because you don’t want others you respect or that respect you to know. The stumbling that actually makes you feel ashamed and convicted because you know it’s not right.

Here is the problem. We can go to church or go through some at the moment event and think we are free, but we don’t realize the more we engulf ourselves in those faults, the more we taint, stain, and convolute our souls. We also don’t realize that he more we continue in those actions, the more we entangle ourselves and bind ourselves to those things, people, places, habits, and actions.

In Psalms 19:7, the word soul, actually means your life, being, mind, desires, and appetite. Your life, your mind, and your appetite have to be changed in order for you to experience true freedom. Like an addict or a person with a disease related to diet. They must first DETOX their bodies in order to begin a true healing and recovery process.

There are people who have diabetes, that have actually been healed from it, by simply changing their diets. When a person is first diagnosed with the common form of diabetes, the first thing they are told is that they have to change their diets. Then they are given classes and materials to help educate them on how to make better food choices. It’s one thing to eat right while you’re in the hospital, but it’s a different monster to eat right when you’re home alone, and there is no diet being forced upon you.

In that same verse, it says, "the law of the Lord is perfect," which really means the instruction and direction of God is sound, whole, and complete for the converting- turning back or returning, of your soul. To be free, you have to allow the instruction and direction of God to turn your life, mind, desires, and appetite back. The word, prayer, and counsel will help you learn the tools necessary to change your life, mind, and appetite.

That’s why he said CLEANSE me – empty, free, purify me. It’s those hidden things, those soul ties that keep us bound to habits, people, places and things that we should owe no loyalty to. Check the children of Israel. They were freed from the physical, slavery, but their souls were still tied to Egypt. In their hearts they concealed, and hid their love for Egypt. Everyone that walked out of Egypt wasn’t happy to leave. Some of them got comfortable being one of Pharaoh’s workers, handmaids, sex slaves, musicians, bakers, soldiers, etc. They liked the privileges of their roles. They got used to that appetite. That’s why they said I’d rather have garlic and onions with a whip on my back, than to eat bread from heaven FREE. How else could they sit there and watch God perform the greatest miracle their eyes had ever seen and still strip naked bow down to a idol.

DON’T JUDGE THEM. How many times has God performed miracles for you and come through for you, and you still end up in your concealed, hidden, covered sins?

God wants to heal you for real. Like the diabetes patient, you don’t have to struggle with this all your life. And you don’t have to die from complications of the secret faults. Allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse you of your secret faults. Be like Namaan and keep dipping yourself until you come up clean. Keep following the instruction and direction of God until your life, mind, and desires, and appetite are turned back to the way God intended.

Be like the psalmist in this chapter, and ask God not to allow “presumptuous sins” – arrogance, pride, insolence to have rule over you. God is giving us ALL an opportunity to come before him in His secret place to be cleansed, freed, and the reproach taken away from our names. Take advantage of this season. For when it is passed, things will be revealed and uncovered, and those secret faults will be secret no more.

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