Thursday, November 5, 2009

Republicans vs Democrats

Republicans vs Democrats

If anyone has been paying attention spiritually a clarion call has gone out over the past three years for CHANGE. Before the Obama campaign, I recall my previous Pastor Dr. Cindy Trimm, telling us that portals were opening, dimensional changes were occurring, promotions and mantles were being left and those mantles had to be picked up. She always spoke of the shift that was taking place.

During the Obama campaign we witnessed a major shift in the world. Where people had lost hope in government and the world leaders the call for CHANGE prompted America not just to elect a Black President, but along with his Vice President, America selected leaders with the heart of everyday people. People who care about the welfare and future of their families and their neighbors’ families. People who were willing to give up their excess so that everyone could have necessities.

The recent gubernatorial and mayoral elections heralded that change as well. In states where Republicans dominated, Democrats won or gave them a run for their money. In places where Democrats were in charge, a new kind of Republican took over. In places where Blacks dominated, whites won. In places where whites ruled, Hispanics won. So what does that mean? Things have changed.

I’ve heard various political commentaries speak of Republicans and Democrats losing and winning because of the items their candidates believe in. Both are frightened by the growing Independent Party that have been willing to say, “I don’t have to agree with everything you do just because I belong to your party. I believe in what convicts me as right.”

I hear “Conservative Republicans” speak negatively of “Liberal Republicans” because they don’t agree on a bill, or an issue. I hear the same amongst “Liberal” and “Conservative” Democrats. So a person is considered weak or an outcast because they don’t agree with everything you do. This reminds me of the arguments of Cubans fleeing from Cuba saying Castro is a dictator and he impoverishes his people. Am I wrong but it seems like with this political bullying some groups may be doing the same thing?

When the war was initiated in another country we were told to trust the government. Believe what they say, they know what’s best. Now we are at healthcare and the people who told us to trust the government, are saying don’t trust them, they don’t know what they are doing? Weird. It’s funny how most of the opponents for healthcare are people who have great private insurance that they can afford because of the money they make from us as taxpaying and working citizens. Their mothers can go for regular checkups and catch abnormalities early. Those who need the reform mothers’ can’t go to the doctor until they are sick and can’t afford treatments so they suffer.

So then the real issues become convoluted and elude people to make the issue a Republican vs Democrat instead of what they really are:
  • Everyone’s mother, or father, or husband, or wife, or child, deserves a chance at living and they shouldn’t have to result to homelessness or die suffering.  
  • If one gets paid for the work they do or don’t do because their money is inherited, why wouldn’t we create jobs for men and women who WANT to work, not collect welfare.  
  • If one person’s child can get the best education where they live, why can’t everyone’s child get a good education where they live.
  • If you don’t have to give up your pay and bonuses, why should another person have to lose their job.
The issue is not one party against another. Within all parties are people. Why are we so caught up on division…One Nation under God Indivisible…or One Nation Conservative Republican and Conservative Democrats (they’re in charge), Liberals(traitors because they don’t agree with our whole platform), Independents (clueless thinkers). But we are one nation, and we are allowed to be different!
In the land of more than enough it’s a scary thought that we would restrict people from an opportunity to get the resources needed to maintain balanced lives, while rewarding those who rack up, hoard, lie, steal, payoff, and misuse. It’s as if we want to encourage people to do the wrong thing to get ahead and make the most money, but penalize the people who do the right thing and desires to help all get ahead. Wow!
The next time people get to arguing democrat vs republicans, make them get to the root of the issue and have them deal with the issues - right vs wrong, fair vs unfair, practical vs unreasonable, reality vs fantasy, 2% wealthy vs the other 98%.

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