Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required Pt. 2

To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required

Background Reading
Luke 12:41-48, KJV, READ HERE
Main verse
Luke 12:48 . . . For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.

Finishing the required.

When God starts the requiring He is doing you a favor, because if He is requiring much not only is He preparing you for much, but He is confirming that He’s going to give you much. He makes you ask for your necessities to erase your pride. It takes humility for a person that professes Christ, vision, and promise to say to their brother, “although I am an anointed prophet of God called to have an abundance, right now me and my kids need something to eat.” It takes humility to say, “although I am called to be a successful business owner right now as a man I have no car to drive in can you give me a ride.” It takes humility to give when asked by God not man and you don’t have enough to give yourself. But if he takes care of the sparrow, and raven that neither sows nor reaps, what more than his child who has destiny inside of them.

When God requires he makes you stay by yourself to tame your flesh and your spirit (not the one God uses in you, your temperance and character). We become so anxious sometimes, looking at simple things and not the things that really matter. Everyone thinks he/she is a good man or good woman yet when good men and good women get together they are divorced two years later or miserable for ten. When God requires He checks your flesh because if you won’t refrain from having sex because God says so, who is your husband or wife that you should respect them.

Requiring. When God is requiring much of you He’s molding you into the person you were destined to be and so long as there are people praying for God’s will to be done in your life so shall it be. So you might as well submit and say yes to the requiring, let the house go, the car go, the man go, the woman go, the child go, the people go, the job go. Let it go and God will give you double for your trouble. If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land. Care not about what you will eat or drink, don’t worry about what they say and do. Touch not the anointed and do the prophets no harm, and every tongue that rises against you in judgment shall fall. Now that we are assured that our enemies are taken care of let’s go back to requiring.

If you would say yes and let God require much from you will get to your prophetic Goshen. The land of Promise is yours to possess. Everyone’s requiring much is different because everyone much given is different, for some going to church on Sunday is a little and Sunday and Tuesday is much, but for the woman with three kids no car, Sunday is much. For some praying every morning on the way to work is a little and praying every morning at 5:00 and every night is much, and to some who doesn’t pray, praying anytime everyday in a room all by themselves with no preacher or prayer partner is much. For some reading the bible all the time is a little, and a chapter a day is much. But there is someone who doesn’t know where Genesis or Revelations is and reading it once a week is much. Whatever your requiring is- DO IT Pray without ceasing, through prayer and supplication make your requests known.

Start ushering even though you have a bad attitude. Start singing even though you sing for the world. Start giving even if it is drug money. Start tithing even if you have to borrow money to pay your bills. Give not grudgingly or out of necessity or as if this is some get rich quick scheme, don’t give if you think what you’re giving is going to make you right, but give because God requires of you. Pray because he wants to hear from. Help because can’t nobody else do it, tell him no when he calls at 12:30 am, and tell her no when she just wants to talk. Ignore them as they talk about you as if you’re not there. Pray for them even though they go around telling people you’re crazy. Fast even though it’s Labor Day weekend. Cook even though that’s the last of your groceries. Pray healing even though they found a lump in your breast. Work even though they can’t pay you your worth. Whatever your requiring is DO IT and do it much. Then you will be ready for the, whom much is given.

When you can manage 200 a week, 2 million ain’t no problem, when you can manage 2 jobs and a family, 2 business and 30 employees ain’t no problem, when you can recreate the Jesus miracle and feed your family with two cans of tuna and five slices of bread then preparing a ball and banquet will be no problem. When you can hold out because you want to do what honors God, then staying faithful to your wife will be no problem, when you can speak life and cause things and people to grow in the midst of death tapping you on your shoulder, then delivering and healing in hospitals a floor at a time is no problem. When you can preach the uncompromised, unadulterated Word of God to them 7 knuckleheads in your family and circle of friends that know you and every place you’ve been then preaching to the nations is no problem.

When you have allowed God to require much of you then much will be given. Because He will not give you much until he knows he can require much. So let it go and let God require of you. Say Yes.

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