Monday, October 5, 2009

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required Pt.1

To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required

Background Reading
Luke 12:41-48, KJV, READ HERE

Main verse
Luke 12:48 . . . For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.

I want to talk about the required.

This word came to me at the brink of my greatest breakthrough. Prior to that I had been on a three year, really five year drought. That morning I woke up from a dream about a concert, and felt I just needed to offer up praise and then this was dropped in my spirit, to who much is given much is required.

The reason why things had been so crazy and was seeming to get only worse, was because God was requiring much. I believe that scripture should have read when much is required, give it, because that means much will be given. Many of us are at so many frustration points in our life because we can’t figure out why we can’t get the let up. I mean we look around and we are watching evil hearted men and women in the church and in the world prosper while we beat up ourselves because we’ve cursed. Every time we get ready to give in God sends us a message of in three days, seven days, in just a little while and everything will change. Well I’m not gone sugar coat this for you. Maybe for some three or seven days was their set time of release, but for the rest of us baby, we won’t be released until God is finished requiring much. Not until God is finished requiring much will you be given much.

You expect to be or have much, then you have to give much. You say, but I have nothing left to give, if that were true then God would have gave you your much. If you are broke borrowing money to pay tithes, borrowing money to pay bills, praying checks don’t bounce at Picked over and Save groceries then God is not finished requiring. If you have been single for 3 years celibate for one (be real 3 months) and you are wondering when God? It is because God is not finish requiring. Until God has required much you will not be given much.

When God requires much he turns up the heat on the refiners fire and starts to purify. All that deep seeded stuff you didn’t think was in you comes up. You didn’t know how desperate and weak you were until he started beating on you. You didn’t know how lustful you were until you had to sleep in your own bed by yourself. You didn’t know how selfish you were until you needed and no one was able to give. You didn’t know how crooked you were until the feds came knocking in your door. You didn’t know how self righteous you were until God prolonged your blessing and you had to depend on the very people you judged. You didn’t how selfish and irresponsible you were until God gave you children.

Requiring is the pulling and tugging on your heart strings and pride strings. It is the juice pressing process. Requiring is that last stretch in 400 when that gorilla has just jumped on your back. Requiring is that need to push the car uphill and the car just ran out of gas. Requiring is that running to save a child from being shot and you have asthma. Requiring is that process that you run away from and ignore. That process that you hope you can give enough money to avoid, attend enough weekly services to make up for, or learn enough scriptures to replace. Don’t want to hurt your feelings but if Moses did it, Abraham did it, Job, Paul and Peter did it, If Martin did it, Harriet did it, and JESUS did it, then take your stilettos or Stacey Adams off, hang your “I have arrived” outfit back up in the closet, and get a snickers, because you are not going anywhere for a while. be continued

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