Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly Challenge 5


This week's challenge (Week of 12/03/2012) is Request to be a Blessing.

This week we want to challenge you to pray and ask God how can you bless a neighbor, loved one, or stranger. As we were encouraged to be sensitive to God's voice by first recognizing, hearing, then following His voice, we encourage you to do the same. 

Say this simple prayer:
Lord, lay someone on my heart and mind that I can bless. How can I be a blessing to the household of (the person God lays on your heart and mind).
Then hear and obey!

We'd love to hear your testimonies! Tell us how the weekly challenges are blessing you and others. Email us at h23email@gmail.com or post on our page, www.facebook.com/H23LivingEverydayLife

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