Thursday, September 27, 2012

Project 5001

Project 5001 is a service campaign 
designed to answer the needs of the people. 
Jesus fed 5000, we can do more. 
He has given us the power to do it!

FEED        CLOTHE         EMPOWER         SERVE

We started Project 5001 under the mandate that, "greater things you shall do." Jesus told the disciples that He gave them to the power to do more. We have not only a mandate but the power to do more. Whether we feed, clothe, empower, or serve our goal is to push ourselves and each to do more. 

Stay posted for opportunities to serve and help. Email us if for questions or details,

If you or your organization would like to support Project 5001, click the donate button below and your gift will help us meet the needs of the people.

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