Saturday, January 21, 2012

Two Sons In The House

Luke 15:1-2; 11-32

The story of the Prodigal Son is a very popular passage of scripture. The Pharisees and scribes were upset about Jesus receiving and eating with sinners. Jesus used the a few examples to try to explain the heart of what he was doing. It is clear that Jesus is explaining through this parable God’s joy of the lost children who repent. But something about the story of the Prodigal son sticks out to me tremendously — there are two sons in the house.

The two sons are contrastingly different.

First there is the young (neo – newer) son. The younger son was obviously adventurous, headstrong, savvy and confident in himself. He fits the typical mold of young people who think they know it all. He was a on a fast track to nowhere but clearly thought with his resources he was on his way to the top of the world. He had big ideas, big dreams, grandiose plans, and the only thing standing between him and his status change was the Father holding on to what was promised to Him. He found pleasure in the lifestyle of another country. Obviously he had to have been exposed to it either from visitors or visits with his father to the foreign country. His primary goal was to get his inheritance, his promise, those things that were to be given to him and consume them with riotous (wildly extravagant, wreckless, licentious, unrestrained, excessive) living.

Then there was the elder (presbyteros - advanced in life) son.  The son who desires to be honorable, pleasing to the father, does his best to follow the customs and rules, adheres to the standard of the father’s house, and finds pleasure in the house. He is the hard worker, faithful, and looks to do the “right way.” You can describe him as the son who has lived a little, experienced some things, and realizes the benefits of the Father and the Father’s house.

There are so many great points to expound upon from this passage, but the one I have learned to appreciate is – there are two sons in the house and BOTH are loved by the Father. Irrespective of experience, actions, mess ups, or get it right, you are LOVED by the Father. So the younger son cannot judge the older, because he acts and responds from a different place. And the older son cannot judge the younger son either, because he acts and responds from a different place also. Neither son is loved more that the other. Both are loved by the Father. Be at peace brothers. There is room for both of you in the Father’s house.

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