Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elects Can’t Focus On The Rejects

Elects Can’t Focus On The Rejects

Background Reading 2 Samuel 6

If you believe the words that have been spoken in this new season, then you should be expecting some actualization and manifestation of some promises. If you have never experienced haters or think you have had haters before, wait until they see how you praise when you are elevated to your promised place! In this reading Michal, Saul’s daughter despised David in her heart when she saw the way he went all out for God! She was a typical hater saying, “It don’t take all.” As matter of fact she went on to insult him saying how dare you act all wild like that partying like a base fellow - vulgar people.

Understand that everyone will not celebrate you during your time. Even though like David you will bless as many people as you can with your blessing, even the person hating on you. Nevertheless, you can’t please everyone. Nor is it your responsibility to. By despising David, God closed her womb; which means she was not allowed to reproduce that seed of hate. God will deal with the haters. He will cut off their ability to reproduce that seed. So you keep smiling, you keep singing, you keep jamming to your praise party! You keep producing excellent work! You keep spreading your joy! You keep the heads turning!

But when they question you and call you out. When they say you act just like the base people in the world; When they’re mad cause you the boss and they’re not even though they started before you; When your marriage works out and they can’t stand their home; When you are no longer the borrower but now you’re the lender; When you have a word and their prayers cant go past the ceiling; When everyone is nice to you and they cant pay for good service; When favor gets you the Presidential Suite and their platinum credit can’t get a room – you just say like David, “It was the Lord who chose me, It was the Lord that appointed me, So it’s the Lord who I will continue t praise!” Don’t be mad cause He didn’t work for you! But he has surely kept His word to me!

When you are the elect you cannot focus on the rejects, they will always hate on you because God made a decision and they can’t do anything about His word!

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